'Making the big leap to management' as featured in the Sunday Business Post 'Career Moves' section

Enjoyed writing this piece for the Sunday Business Post, 'Career Moves' section.

'Making the big leap to management'

Creating a good momentum within the first few weeks in a new management role is critical, small strategic action steps in the short term can make a significant impact on long term goals and quality of results. Often new managers, struggle with a number of aspects including, getting up to speed with the company culture, understanding departmental processes, diagnosing current challenges and long-term opportunities for the organisation. The first 3-6 months are a crucial period in establishing yourself as a credible and influential leader within the organization and gaining the respect and support of your team. How you handle both yourself and key relationships plays a big factor in management success or failure.
The team dynamics change and it’s important you make the transition from peer to manager as smooth as possible to engage your team and maintain co…

Interview Preparation - Don't leave it to the last minute!

'Hi Louise, I've an interview tomorrow morning would you have an appointment available?.... is a frequent request I receive for interview preparation, often at the last minute. Of course I try to accommodate people where possible, however we all know cramming before an important event doesn't always produce the desired results! Albeit many of my clients still succeeded at interview within 24hrs of an appointment, I do however encourage people to get in touch with sufficient time to fully utilise the coaching tools & techniques well in advance of the interview - Preparation is key!

Think about it - what did it take for you to become highly skilled, in any aspect of your career and life so far? Generally a lot of preparation and consistently practicing the skill to finally become proficient, reaching what we call an 'unconscious competence' in your ability. Through consistent preparation and practicing the task at hand, you probably reached a point where you no l…

'A brand called 'You' ....Evening Herald Personal Branding Feature


"How to take Constructive Criticism on the chin" - Stellar Magazine

"Constructive criticism when delivered in a supportive manner can help raise your self-awareness, increase confidence in your abilities and improve overall performance.On the other hand destructive criticism is targeted directly at the individual in a negative way, pointing out faults, rather than collaborative solutions, which can be perceived by more sensitive individuals as a direct attack on them personally. If you are regularly on the receiving end of destructive criticism it can lower your confidence and self-esteem, create stress or cause aggression."............
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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Clients often tell me "I'm in a comfort zone and I don't know how to get out".  Well they have come to the right place as this is something I work on with most coaching clients.
We often realise that something has got to change, our careers have become stagnant, we may have inner frustrations or feel like we are on automatic pilot in our daily lives. However fear of failure or a lack of confidence in our abilities keeps us stuck inside our comfort zone. We often choose to stay within a zone that is familiar to us, one where we know what to expect. But the question is "what are you saying NO to by staying inside your comfort zone?".
A big fear for many people is dealing with the "unknown", not knowing what to expect is something most of us are faced with at some stage in our careers and lives.  When my clients are dealing with an unfamiliar situation, I encourage them to practice the following; at first keep it simple and make just one simple chan…

2013 New Year's Aspirations for a New You!

"Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?"......
The New Year is not that far away and today is as good a day as any to start planning your goals for the next 12 months.
Instead of writing a list of resolutions (that you won't keep anyway!), try and identify a couple of new year's aspirations; goals you can create or achieve that will make a positive difference in your life this year.

TIP: Write a "New Year's Aspirations" list. 
Think about the things you can do to make 2013 a standout year on both a personal & professional level. Start by writing up to 20 things you would like to do this year that will make a positive difference in your Career & Life.  List goals and aspirations that will push you out of your comfort zone and stretch & challenge you for the better this year.  The personal achievement you get from completing each goal on your Aspirations List creates momentum and personal commitment, helping you ov…