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Inspirational - Artist Stephen Wiltshire

Here is an amazing guy who doesn't let his personal challenges stop him.

Often referred to as “The Living Camera” Stephen Wiltshire is an artist who draws and paints detailed cityscapes from memory.Stephen is autistic and he did not speak his first words "pencil" and "paper" until he was 5. Yet, when he was 11 he drew a perfect aerial view of London after only one helicopter ride. Stephen has an amazing ability where he can briefly view panoramas and then recreate these including drawing the most intricate details. This is truly an inspirational video to watch.

This is an excerpt from the film Beautiful Minds: A Voyage into the Brain, where Stephen takes a helicopter journey over Rome and then draws a panoramic view of what he saw, completely from memory.

Hello Everyone & Welcome to My Blog

Hello and Welcome to my blog.

I get my creative inspiration from books, music, video, the arts and the wonderful people I am lucky enough to meet and work with. I am delighted to be able to share some of these resources here with you.I will also share some of the techniques I use when working with my clients.

To your creative success! Louise
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