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The full interview - No Regrets

I was recently interviewed by Sinead Nolan, journalist with the Sunday World, for an article on "No Regrets". The full interview is below:

The Creative Coach:

Louise Nevin helps people do what they are passionate about and create an action plan, so they can achieve success on their own terms. Her coaching programs inspire people to embrace their ideas and show them a road-map to a successful future. Also known as The Creative Coach, she helps people who want to thrive in life, career and business.

1. Is it detrimental to your health to dwell on your regrets and if so why?
Anything from relationship regrets, health regrets, career regrets, financial regrets and parenting regrets can dominate our daily thoughts and drain us of energy. Regret is a powerful emotion, which everyone deals with differently. It is a negative reaction to past experiences, behaviours and reactions. Regret can influence what you believe about yourself and create a distorted picture in your mind over …