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Describe Your "Ideal" Weekend

The weekend provides the time to unwind after a hectic week - Right? Unfortunately most people use the weekend to do all the "urgent" tasks they didn't get to complete during the week, packing in as much as possible leaving little time to relax and rejuvenate.

Spending the weekend doing at least a couple of the things that bring joy into our lives can help reduce stress levels, improve sleeping patterns and develop ideas & goals, which helps concentration levels and focus when dealing with more difficult tasks and challenges during the week.

How would you describe your "ideal" weekend?
Your unique answers to the following questions will help you visualize it clearly:
Where would you be?Who would you be with?What would you be doing? What makes your "ideal" weekend unique?
Here's 20 ideas....Choose one or create your own and get started now!
Go for a walk and get some fresh airListen to your favourite music (& dance to it) Visit an insp…