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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Clients often tell me "I'm in a comfort zone and I don't know how to get out".  Well they have come to the right place as this is something I work on with most coaching clients.
We often realise that something has got to change, our careers have become stagnant, we may have inner frustrations or feel like we are on automatic pilot in our daily lives. However fear of failure or a lack of confidence in our abilities keeps us stuck inside our comfort zone. We often choose to stay within a zone that is familiar to us, one where we know what to expect. But the question is "what are you saying NO to by staying inside your comfort zone?".
A big fear for many people is dealing with the "unknown", not knowing what to expect is something most of us are faced with at some stage in our careers and lives.  When my clients are dealing with an unfamiliar situation, I encourage them to practice the following; at first keep it simple and make just one simple chan…