Interview Preparation - Don't leave it to the last minute!

'Hi Louise, I've an interview tomorrow morning would you have an appointment available?.... is a frequent request I receive for interview preparation, often at the last minute. Of course I try to accommodate people where possible, however we all know cramming before an important event doesn't always produce the desired results! Albeit many of my clients still succeeded at interview within 24hrs of an appointment, I do however encourage people to get in touch with sufficient time to fully utilise the coaching tools & techniques well in advance of the interview - Preparation is key!

Think about it - what did it take for you to become highly skilled, in any aspect of your career and life so far? Generally a lot of preparation and consistently practicing the skill to finally become proficient, reaching what we call an 'unconscious competence' in your ability. Through consistent preparation and practicing the task at hand, you probably reached a point where you no longer had to think about it, the former daunting task almost felt comfortable and natural to you. Like a lot of things in life, preparation and practice are key when it comes to optimising your performance at interview. Many people do however over 'perform' at interviews, which can be down to nerves, not being fully confident in your skills and experience for the role, or a lack of structure when answering interview questions. This can unfortunately be perceived by the interviewers as 'theatrical' or disingenuous. Candidates need to come across naturally at interview and demonstrate a good 'fit' in the organisation. Advance preparation and consistently practicing using coaching tools allows you to increase your confidence level and demonstrate authenticity, conveying someone who is genuinely interested in contributing to the organisation. This allows the interview panel envision you in the role, effectively managing the requirements for the job and fitting in well on the team. Following a structured format when answering interview questions, particularly Competency Based Interviews, keeps you focused and reduces anxiety if and when the interviewer probes for more detail and further examples. This is where I see a significant improvement in clients, where previously they were going off topic or getting 'stuck' on how detailed their answers should be they now have a simple formula to follow.

Researching everything you can about a company and having a commercial awareness about upcoming challenges for the industry is important. However many candidates often spend so much time researching answers to these questions they omit to focus on a key component - Know Yourself! This piece is vital when preparing for that all important 'Tell me about yourself?' question. It's often the first question at an interview and I'm always amazed when I see interview candidates bumped off course with this one. Some interviewers will want a short and concise overview, similar to your CV Profile, while others may want to know more about the 'real' you. The interviewer is looking for that all important 'fit' from the onset. While others will want to get straight into understanding your specific job related strengths, skills and key qualifications. You need to be able to tell a compelling 'career story' that grabs the interviewer's attention and tailor this to the style of question. Not an easy task if you haven't spent time reflecting on or sharing key relevant components of your career story in a long time. It's the one question you can prepare for well in advance and it's a great opportunity to set the tone of the interview.

Consistent practice and preparation are key to success at interview (and almost anything in life), this way you ensure you work towards achieving the best 'fit' for both the employer and most importantly YOU.

Discover the benefits of Interview Preparation Coaching  

"Before meeting with Louise I was lacking confidence in my ability to perform in interview settings. Louise provided me with excellent guidance and insight on how to answer interview questions in a structured and effective manner. She also helped me to highlight my key qualities and how to communicate them in an interview situation. Louise is an excellent coach and a joy to work with, she is so enthusiastic and takes a real interest in her clients. I'm so delighted I got the job, Louise's advice and guidance really did help me and I was a lot more confident after our interview session, which showed at interview. Thanks for all the help." 
Majella - Dublin (Post-Primary Teacher) 

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